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As a consumer in Las Vegas most consumers don't know that there's a system in place to protect us in the field of security. This means that the law makers took their time to put laws into place regarding the Locksmith industry in Las Vegas.
As a Las Vegas locksmith myself I can recognize and appreciate what has been put into place. It's extremely easy for particular industries such as the locksmith industry to take advantage of  the consumer at their most time of need. In fact seance the laws have come into place the problems regarding the Las Vegas locksmith business has gone down considerably. But please don't let your guard down just because of statistics.
Some of the things we herd on the news are just terrifying even for a locksmith.
It wasn't long ago that I saw on the news about an elderly man in his 80's that was charged over $1300 for a lockout service. Now understand that a lockout can get pricey and what I mean by that is maybe $150 in the middle of the night where a deadbolt has to be dealt with.
Another story was about a lady that got locked out of her Toyota and was quoted $40 on the phone by this supposedly license locksmith Las Vegas service company, only to turn their bill to $380. And just so we can all understand car lockouts on cars mostly take under five minutes. But you do have to keep in mind that there's a drive to get to the consumer but as an over all idea most legal Las Vegas locksmith service providers charge between $60 to $85 depending on hours and holidays.

So What Are The Laws Regarding Locksmith Las Vegas Companies? 

For one all licensed locksmith Las Vegas employees must have a Sheriff's work card that says ''Locksmith'' right on it. The locksmith license also has a license number as well.
The purpose for this locksmith work card is to make all Las Vegas locksmith workers go through a background check. After all you don't want to give a person with a bad background the keys for your home.
Another great law that is in effect and is being in enforced is that all Locksmith Las Vegas employees must show up in a vehicle that is marked with the companies name as well as the license number. This information must be at least four inches so it can be seen from your house window.
In the past there was many sub-contractor locksmiths that work for many different illegal Locksmith advertisers that are not even located in Las Vegas and they would just send these guys to do work pretending they work for their locksmith Las Vegas companies when in all reality they where illegal locksmiths that didn't even have a local drivers license, I know that sounds scary but it's true. Perhaps even today.
All locksmith Las Vegas service providing businesses mustbe licensed in every city they go into. And what that means is that if your Las Vegas locksmith company is licensed in Las Vegas does not allow them to work in North Las Vegas, so please pay attention to the work card and it will tell you if the locksmith is licensed in Las Vegas or North Las Vegas.


  1. Great locksmith Las Vegas information for both safety and knowledge. As a locksmith in Las Vegas myself I believe what you're doing is great keep up the great locksmith Las Vegas blog going


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